News 2017: Kayaking in Antarctica

Isolated, untouched and immersive. Allow the coldest continent on Earth to melt your heart. Let the elements rule and truly discover the white solitude and fearless wildlife that thrives here. Your polar expedition will introduce you to the magic of South America before starting your adventure to the end of the world. Join on expedition to Anarctica with as kayak guides.

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White water kayak courses at Voss

Two days beginner course at Voss. Day one at calm water. Training tecnical paddling skill and safety.

Day two paddling on river, level 2, testing out our new skills. This is real fun! This course gives you “våttkort” (wetcard) from Norwegian Padle Acosiation (NPF)

We have 2 days beginnercourses each weekend during the summer. Starting sat 09.00. Price kr 2950,- pp (min. 3 persons), kr 3600,- pp (min. 2 persons). Coursedates below

On request we can arrange day courses cost kr 1550,- pp (min 3 pers) or kr 1800,- pp (2 pers)

For groups with just a short time, we can arrange 4 hour sessions wich give a little taste of what fun this is. Price 1250,- pp (min 4 pers)

By the fjords

"Vått og Vilt" invites you to guided paddling trips in a beautiful landscape of fjords in Lindås County, only a 35 minutes drive from Bergen. We're located at Kvamsvågen, in Alversund. You and your group can live in the beautifully located sea-cabin called Nordbris. There are two apartments in the house.

The sea-cabin has a combined dining- and conference room, which rooms about 20 people. The boathouse in the basement is decorated in a maritime and robust, but yet, cosy style. It's suited for parties, with seating arrangements for 30 people.

What about a new kind of team-building? 2 day seakayak beginner course accommodation on our base Nordbris, use of meeting room, all meals. If you like, We will make it ekstra special by prepare most of the meals on the fire/barbeque places outdoor.

Price 5500,- PP inclusive a 2 day kayak course!

Bring your friends, the club or your workmates to a different experience. Live in the sea-cabin with self house hold or hire your own sheef. Combine paddling and other leisure activities with a meeting and later in the evening, a great dinner in the boathouse.

The out-door facilities we can offer are such as: a hot tub with a panorama view, out-door kitchen on the dock, a roofed barbeque-pit where you will experience an evening filled with Norse atmosphere.

Do you want to sleep outdoor listening to the birdlife, the waves and the wind? We have Lavo (based on Lapp peoples tent ) at the area. The lavo has a fire place in the midle and sleeping benches and the walls are covered with reindeerskins that makes an unforgettable atmosphere!

We supply kayaks and all paddling-equipment at the guided paddling trips.

The area is very well suited for paddling, with its magnificent nature, strait sounds, islands, coves, small sand-beaches and rich bird-life. Kayak paddling is very popular and is suitable for all ages! Stay at Nordbris house and have guided paddling trips from the house, two, three or more days.

Please contact us for a special package and price!

Sea kayak beginner course dates 2017

29 – 30 april
13-14 may
10-11 june
8-9 juli
5-6 august
9-10 september
Other dates on request.

White water (river) kayak courses dates 2017

6-7 may

20-21 may

27-28 may

17-18 june

24-25 june

Several courses during the «ekstremsportveko»

1-2 july

15-16 july

22-23 july

29-30 july

12-13 aug

19 – 20 aug

26-27 aug

2-3 september

16-17 september

23-24 september

-Introcourse (4hours)on request. Kr 1350 ,- pp

-We can arrange ww course other dates for groups of 5 or more people. Ask us!

-In addition we offer an 4 hours ww paddling session which is perfect companies or other groups looking for an fresh, fun and exiting experience.